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Small Business Owners ↴

  1. Why Small Business Owners Don’t Offer a 401(k) (But Why They Should and How They Can)
  2. Could You Create Your Own Pension Plan?
  3. Golden Handcuffs for Key Employees
  4. Tax Rules on Rental Property
  5. Cash Balance Plans
  6. 401(k) Plan Sponsors Can’t Ignore Fiduciary Duty
  7. Do You Have a Financial Wellness Program?
  8. Choosing Who Will Take Over the Business if an Owner Dies, Becomes Disabled or Leaves
  9. Using CRUT’s & CRAT’s to Sell Your Business Interest
  10. Is Your Company a "Going Concern"?
  11. Plan Sponsors May Soon Need Independent Investment Advisors

Legacy Planning (Parents) ↴

  1. What is a “Legacy Plan” and Why Should You Have One?
  2. Having the Money Talk With Your Children
  3. Understanding the Gift Tax
  4. Teaching Your Heirs to Value Your Wealth
  5. Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
  6. Special Needs Trust
  7. Are Your Heirs Financially Literate?
  8. Why Does Family Wealth Fade Away?
  9. Explaining the Basis of Inherited Real Estate
  10. Talking to Your Kids About Your Wealth
  11. What to Do Financially When a Spouse Dies
  12. Should You Make a Child Your IRA Beneficiary?
  13. Coping with an Inheritance
  14. Tell Your Beneficiaries Your Accounts and Policies
  15. Importance of Selecting an IRA Beneficiary
  16. When a Family Member Dies
  17. Have you Considered Charitable Gifting?
  18. ABLE Accounts for Loved Ones with Disabilities
  19. UGMA and UTMA Accounts
  20. The Right Beneficiary
  21. A Look at Revocable Living Trusts
  22. When a Minor is a Beneficiary
  23. Charitable Lead Trusts
  24. Consider an IRA Charitable Rollover
  25. Donating Highly Appreciated Stock
  26. Avoiding Family Squabbles Over Your Estate
  27. Your Financial Co-Pilot

Legacy Planning (Heirs) ↴

  • Coping with an Inheritance
  • An Inherited IRA
  • Explaining the Basis of Inherited Real Estate
  • How Stepped-Up Basis Affects a 1031 Exchange
  • Could Unclaimed Money Be Yours?
  • A Caregiver’s Financial Responsibilities
  • How Much Home Can You Afford?
  • Holding Real Estate in an IRA
  • In-Kind Distributions from IRAs
  • The Many Benefits of a Roth IRA
  • In-Service 401(k) Withdrawals and Income Planning
  • 401(k) – Don’t Miss the Match
  • Discover the 403(b)
  • Could Insurance Rescue You in Retirement?
  • Building a College Fund
  • 6 Steps to Get Out of Debt
  • Tax Rules on Rental Property Common Deductions Taxpayers Overlook
  • Active and Passive Investment Management
  • Dollar Cost Averaging in a Down Market
  • Investing Internationally
  • Trend and Momentum Investing
  • Have a Plan, Not Just a Stock Portfolio
  • Money Habits That May Help You Become Wealthier
  • Mind Over Money
  • From Wealth Accumulation to Wealth Preservation
  • Retirement Blind Spots
  • Getting Financially Fit for Retirement at 50
  • Making Decisions About Life Insurance
  • Retirement Planning with Health Care Expenses in Mind
  • Who Needs Estate Planning?
  • Minimizing Probate When Setting Up Your Estate
  • Estate Planning After a Second Marriage
  • Financial Steps to Take Before a Divorce
  • IRA Rollovers for Lump Sum Pension Payouts
  • Your Financial Co-Pilot

Monthly Economic Update

20 Biggest Retirement Mistakes ↴

  • Retirement Mistake #1 : Mistaking Journalists for Financial Advisers
  • Retirement Mistake #2 : Retiring with Liquidity or Diversity
  • Retirement Mistake #3 : Living on the Interest without Touching the Principal
  • Retirement Mistake #4 : Retiring Without any Real Goals
  • Retirement Mistake #5 : Assuming You’ll Be in a Lower Tax Bracket When You Retire
  • Retirement Mistake #6 : Trusting a Calculator to Tell you When to Retire
  • Retirement Mistake #7 : Retiring Early Only to Reduce Your Social Security
  • Retirement Mistake #8 : Drawing Income from the Wrong Assets
  • Retirement Mistake #9 : Choosing the Wrong Beneficiary
  • Retirement Mistake #10 : Retiring Without Estate and Insurance Planning
  • Retirement Mistake #11 : Retiring on Hope
  • Retirement Mistake #12 : Ignoring Inflation
  • Retirement Mistake #13 : Making Seat of Your Pants Money Decisions
  • Retirement Mistake #14 : Handing Your Heirs Tax Problems
  • Retirement Mistake #15 : Dismissing the Need for Long Term Care
  • Retirement Mistake #16 : Being Talked into the Wrong Investments
  • Retirement Mistake #17 : Losing a Big Chunk of Your Retirement Money in One Wrong Move
  • Retirement Mistake #18 : Thinking Tomorrow Will Be Just Like Today
  • Retirement Mistake #19 : Retiring Without an Investment Strategy
  • Retirement Mistake #20 : Why Does Family Wealth Fade Away?

Federal Employee Retirement Newsletter ↴

  • Accessing Your TSP Money Before Age 59.5 Might Make Sense
  • Federal Employee Health Benefits and Medicare / Medicaid
  • Federal Employee Roth TSPs – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
  • Little Known Facts About FEGLI – It’s Time to Save Money
  • Mistiming of TSP Contributions Can Mean Forfeiture of Matching Funds
  • The Biggest Financial Threat Facing Federal Employees
  • The G Fund Vs. the F Fund
  • What Federal Employees Aren’t Being Told About Their Social Security Benefits
  • Should You Leave Money in TSP After Retirement?
  • 7 Ways to Maximize Your Thrift Savings Plan Balance
  • 8 Potential Risks That Might Affect Your Secure Retirement – What You Should Know!
  • 9 Things to Know for a Better Federal Employee Retirement