Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What will Swanson Financial do for me?  

  • We will help you establish a financial plan that is as unique as you are. We believe that a good plan will help you monitor and potentially achieve your financial goals.

    We will provide you with relevant, available information to help you make informed financial planning decisions for your family. Whether your goal is to retire, stay retired, to better position your financial assets or to start a new business, we have the ability and the network to help make your goals a reality.

What is a financial plan? 

  • A financial plan is not simply a review of investments and insurance. A financial plan encompasses a complete and thorough review of your legal documents, taxes, real estate, mortgage, investments, insurances, Social Security, medical and employee benefit status. It also considers your long-term financial goals and dreams.

    After reviewing these areas (in conjunction with your legal, tax, and accounting professional advisors) we will be able to give you useful, practical advice that will benefit you and your family on an ongoing basis.

Do I need a financial planner? 

  • Yes. If you have financial goals, you need to have a financial planner.

    In the same way that you would consult with a doctor about your health, you should consult with a financial planner about the health of your family’s financial future.

    The best way to determine your planning needs is to take advantage of our complimentary financial check-up. Contact us for more details.

Describe the meeting process. 

  • Our initial complimentary meeting is simply an introduction and will last approximately one hour.

    You will be introduced to our team and will have the opportunity to introduce your family to us. During this meeting, we will do a thorough review of your current financial situation. Please plan on bringing all your current financial statements.

    Following this meeting, we will ask you to provide us with any documents we still need to review. We are fiduciaries, so before you sign anything, we will identify all fees in writing.

    Once we have agreed to work together and all documents are in place, we will schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss your financial snapshot (your planning analysis) and answer any questions you might have.

    As consultants, we show people all of their available options. But ultimately, it is up to you to decide what how you would like to proceed.

What will it cost me? 

  • Our licenses allow us to charge a fee in a multitude of ways. Depending on your objectives and assets, we have the ability to provide either fee-based or commission-based services to our client families.

    We are fiduciaries, so before you sign anything, we will identify all fees in writing. As a way for you to get to know our team, our first meeting will be complimentary.

I am getting ready to retire. Do I need a financial plan? 

  • Yes. If you have financial goals, you should have a financial plan.

    Many of our clients come to us looking for quick solutions to specific problems, but they fail to examine their overall financial health.

    Our belief is that there is no quick fix, only long-term solutions. The best way to determine your retirement planning needs is to take advantage of our complimentary initial meeting so that we can discuss your retirement goals.

What does Swanson Financial expect from me? 

  • Swanson Financial expects you to simply set some life goals, communicate these goals to us (even as they change) on a quarterly basis, and coordinate your efforts with ours to achieve the goals that you have set for your family.

Have you been cited by a professional or regulatory governing body for disciplinary reasons? 

  • No. We have a clean record.

    We believe this reflects not only our professionalism, but our belief that clients still value a personal relationship based on sound advice and trust.

Will I be able to access my account online? 

  • Yes, you will be able to access your accounts on their respective sites.

Is there an account minimum to work with you? 

  • No. At Swanson Financial, we work as a team. So even if you are a young couple starting out, it is never too early to start planning.

    One of our team members can get you started with a personalized foundation plan. This plan will address your unique financial situation and outline each step that you need to take in order to reach your objectives.

My spouse hates financial topics. Do I need to bring my spouse to meetings? 

  • While financial topics are not always the most exciting, they are vital to the health and well-being of your family.

    We certainly understand that one spouse may have a greater interest in working with us on a quarterly basis. However, we encourage you to come in as a couple at least once a year.

I really don’t know Swanson Financial that well. May I get a few referrals? 

  • Out of respect for our clients’ privacy, we do not give out client referrals.

    However, we do host client events throughout the year. If you become a client, you are more than welcome to attend these events and meet our other clients.

Questions? Call our family at (503) 603 - 9900 and we will gladly answer any of your questions.