Ambassador Overview

Over the years, we have been very fortunate that our business has grown because our clients have sent others our way based on their personal experience working with us. We truly enjoy working with clients like you, and helping your friends and family discover and reach their retirement dreams.

Now we want to formally say "Thank You" with our SWAN Ambassador Program. This program is meant to be an easy way for clients to introduce us to family and friends in a friendly fashion.

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Refer a friend, family member or colleague.


Once your referral becomes an official client of Swanson Financial, we will gather your information from the referral.


A member of our team will reach out to you directly and inform you of your successful referral.


Attend Client Events, Social Outings, Referral Events, & Educational Events

Qualified Referral

A qualified referral is someone that you personally feel can benefit from having a conversation with one of our team members. Our specialties include but are not limited to business owners, people 5-7 years from retirement and women in transition (widowed, divorced, etc.)


You must RSVP and bring a referral to an upcoming event as your guest