The SWAN Ambassador Program

This Program was designed as a turnkey solution to allow prospects and clients to refer their family and friends to our firm in a friendly fashion.

When a situation occurs where I can act as a sounding board for a friend or family member, you should know that if that person is important to you, then they are important to me.

When you encounter someone whom you would like to introduce to us, the best thing is for you to give me a call. We will not reach out to the referral without your permission to do so first.

You can let them know I will reach out to them to briefly introduce myself. If they are interested in getting to know us, we will send them an Introductory Kit to tell them more about who we are and what we do so they can determine if we provide the types of services and solutions they are looking for. Our firm will call them after they receive the Introduction Kit to see if they are interested in coming in to meet us. If so, we’ll go ahead and set up a meeting.

At this first meeting, we will spend time getting to know each other in order to determine if we can provide what they are looking for and, equally importantly, if they are a good fit for our philosophy and approach. We recognize it’s an important decision for both of us. That’s exactly why we take the time to assess if there is a philosophical alignment between the both of us with regards to our practice and approach before proceeding.

There is no guarantee this person will be a fit for me as a client, but that is irrelevant. I will meet anyone that is important to you and if it turns out not to be a good fit, I will do everything I can to point that person in a direction that is beneficial to them.

And know that everyone you send to us will always be treated with the same level of professionalism and respect you have experienced with us.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office (503) 603 – 9900.

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